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Welcome to the official homepage
of the European Junior U19 Championships.

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The exciting and changing Malmö, Sweden´s third largest city, is a postindustrial and multicultural town living through times of socioeconomic, cultural and representational transition - a town in a phase of new social becoming and possibilities.
The process is in full swing and in certain areas the transition from industrial city to knowledge city is palpable.

But even other less palpable modernisations are taking shape: in our urban environment, in caring services for children and adults, in our dynamic business community and in our willingness to embrace ideas, impressions and people from the rest of the world. Malmö is a town in search of ways of increasing integration in all its possible forms.

In this transition higher education with special focus on vocational including biotechnology, IT, pharmaceuticals, food production and environmental engineering.
Malmö is also known as the ”City of Parks”. If you have time for more outings, I also highly recommend our long beach promenade that features open-air swimming baths and is very
near the city centre, as well as the city squares, Stortorget and Lilla Torg, where there are many interesting
sights to see and an array of choices for enjoying the delicious cuisine of Skåne.